Cartel—a well know band—sings, "Whether all my drearrorist attack Marcus is captured regardless of his involvement and is endlessly interrogated. Marcus comes home to find everyone in a frenzy. Suddenly, the amount of security skyrockets and most citizens agree to give up their rights for "safety". Marcus then dreams up a plan to break through the opaque seal that the government has seemed to put over the people. Soon Marcus finds that his adventures are not going unnoticed, but with fame comes trouble. He finds himself trying to reach out from something that does not seem to ms are just aimless stares, looking up at someplace that isn't there," seems to tell Cory Doctorow's character Marcus' story. Marcus is an average high school student with the ability to hack through any firewall easily. After a teexist. 1984 is a story about a normal citizen of London named Winston. He figures that he already knows how his government works. The government takes people that poise as a threat then wipes their existence from the face of the earth. Before they are sentenced to death, the "criminals" are convinced through torture that they were wrong to rebel against Big Brother, the government's symbol of power. Winston heads for his objective of deceiving the government and secretly rebelling. A myth circulates around to W1n5t0n that there is a group revolving around his same goal. As he seeks to find the phantom group he will meet allies, foes, and chase after a dream that seems like an aimless stare. In Cory Doctrow's Little Brother and George Orwell's 1984 society has accepted that the government is always correct and is allowing itself to be led down a path of ignorance as society never realizes the government's true power; consequently, the Constitution continues to disintegrate taking everyone's rights with it, before the public's blind eyes.